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Having started my career just before interactive marketing took off, my media planner training was rooted in things like GRPs, TRPs, and traditional media math. Digging into the creator economy through this show has been invaluable for me to sound smarter in front of my clients. Well done!

Creator Economy

We’re living it. This podcast is all about it. Aside from being smart and shining a light on some of the newest brilliant creators, this is full of Temitayo’s own personal touch.

Clear & practical advice for kids and parents

Want to know more about being a creator? a YouTuber? Tiny Giants is a safe and understandable break from the typical hype. Temitayo has extensive experience in the industry, and he shares his knowledge by going beyond the headlines to provide context, correction, and clear practical advice. Kids & teens will like his easy style, parents will appreciate the focus and education.

Dig into T and the Creator Economy.

Refreshing and brilliant. T. does a great job speaking with voices from the creator economy. I like his personal touch to these thoughtful conversations. Dig in!

Outstanding Purpose, Great Resource

I’m so in love with the concept behind this show. Closing the gap in educating about STEM but also including the creator economy in that education is brilliant. And I love that T is driving this from the perspective of getting underserved populations to be better served by the system, the industries, their parents and such by understanding the Tiny Giants concept. If you’re a parent … subscribe. If you’re a teacher … subscribe. If you’re a creator … subscribe. Great show with a great purpose.

T's presence is infectious

My kiddo is into the creator economy and T's podcast is perfect for me to know what's going on with him and the larger space.